Are You Enthusiastic By Mercy Of God Or You Are Brainwashed

One of my friends and long time fellow researcher Jones  brought up a subject of brainwashing in religions. Took me some time to get few researches and facts together , and here you go !


For starters, the elementary facts about brainwashing as follows:

Throughout human history, no one who has been brainwashed  actually believed or realized that he was brainwashed.
Those who are brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they were simply “light show”.
Conversion is a really “nice” word for brainwashing. Any study of brainwashing to begin with the study of Christian religious renewal in America of the eighteenth century. It seems that Jonathan Edwards accidentally discovered the technique during a religious campaign 1735th in Northampton, Massachusetts.Causing acute anxiety and guilt, and increasing the tension broke and completely subdued the “sinners” who attended his meetings.
Technically, what Edwards did was to create conditions for a “delete sheets” in the brain in a way that the mind accepts new programming. The problem was that the new input was negative.He would say to them: “You are a sinner! You are destined to hell! “As a result, one person committed suicide and another attempted suicide.
A neighbor told the suicidal converts that they were so deeply affected by that, although they found “eternal salvation” were obsessed with diabolical temptation to end his own life.
When a preacher, cult leader, manipulator or authoritative figure creates the brain phase in which “clears the board,” his subjects are wide open. New entries in the form of suggestions, can not replace their earlier ideas. As Edwards his message would not have done positive until the end of Reconstruction, many accepted the negative suggestions and acted, or would act in accordance with them.
Charles J. Finney was another Christian restorer who used the same techniques four years later, the mass religious conversions in New York. The same techniques used today and renovators Christian, cults, human potential trainings, some business meetings and armed forces. Most preachers realize or know to use brainwashing techniques. Edwards simply stumbled on a technique that really worked, and others have copied.
Although Christians were probably the first to successfully formulate brainwashing, for technical explanation we need to look at the Russian scientist Pavlov. At the beginning of 1900-by his work on animals has opened the door for further research with humans.After the revolution in Russia, Lenin was soon recognized the potential of applying Pavlov research for their goals.
Paul has identified three distinct and progressive states transmarginalne inhibition. The first is equivalent to the stage at which the brain gives the same reaction to the strong and the weak stimulus. The second is the paradoxical phase, in which the brain responds more actively to weak stimuli than to strong. A third ultra paradoxical  phase in which conditioned responses and behavior patterns turn from positive to negative or from negative to positive.
With progression through each of these stages is becoming increasingly turning to more effectively and comprehensively.Ways to achieve conversion are numerous and varied, but the first step in religious or political brainwashing is usually work on the emotions of an individual or group until they reach an abnormal level of anger, fear, excitement or nervous tension.Progressive result of this mental condition restricting the ability of reasoning, and increased suggestibility. The longer this situation can maintain or intensify, it is deeper programming.
When it reaches a catharsis, or the first brain phase, totally mentally it becomes easier to download. Existing mental programming can be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behaving.
Another psychological weapons that are often used to modify normal brain functions are fasting, radical diets or diets rich in sugar, physical discomfort, breathing control, the repetition of mantras in meditation, discover amazing mysteries, special lighting and sound effects, programmed response to incense, or intoxicating drugs .
According to Suthpen, hypnosis and conversion tactics are two distinctly different things and that conversion techniques are far more powerful. However, the two are often combined to with striking results.
The world is full of religious preachers, and the pattern is usually like this: in places repetitive sermons play music while people gather. Repetitive beat, ideally the range of 45-72 beats per minute (similar to the rhythm of the human heart), it is very hypnotic and at a very high percentage of people can cause altered state of consciousness with your eyes open. When you enter the alpha state the person is at least 25 times more susceptible to suggestion than in full beta consciousness. People will subconsciously remember their state of mind from previous services and respond in accordance with posthypnotic programming. For many will be visible external signs of trance: the body relaxed and slightly dilated eyes. Often they start swinging back and forth with his hands in the air while sitting on their chairs. Then comes the assistant, who usually speaks by „rolling voice.”
It is a style and tempo of the sample using a hypnotist in a state of trance. Not ALL preachers do it  consciously  to hypnotize the mass. The main one does know and the governing body of religions as well, but the rest just repeat the learned  procedure of ritual,  but the effect is the same.

Also it is used by many lawyers, some of which are highly trained hypnotists, when they want to instill a claim deep within the minds of jurors. Rolling voice can sound like the speaker to speak to the rhythmic metronome and can sound as if it highlights each word monotonous, formulaic style. The words will usually pronounce the pace of 45-60 beats per minute, for maximum hypnotic effect. Assistant now begin the process of “raising tensions. It causes altered state of consciousness and / or begins to create excitement and anticipation among the audience. After this group might, for example, young women can sing a song. And if middle of the song one of the girls become “possessed by the spirit” and fall to the floor – the better to increase the tension in the room. That is the point where the mix of hypnosis and conversion tactics.
Just at that moment, when the mass audience stares in the alpha mental state, typically sends a box for donations. In the background, rolling voice in the rhythm of 45 beats per minute, the assistant preacher might encourage: “Give to God … Give to God … Give to God …” or anything similar . And the audience really gives. God may not get the money, but his already wealthy representative will. After that, the preacher who speaks of “the devil”, “go to hell”, or the forthcoming Armageddon or the misery of this world.


For most of the assembly after the Reformation and the fear-filled sermons usually followed by “testifying”. People from the audience come on stage and tell their stories. “I was a cripple, and now I can walk!” “I had arthritis and now it is gone!” This is psychological manipulation that works. After hearing the history of many cases of miraculous healings , an average man in the audience with a minor problem will be sure that it can recover. The room was filled with fear, guilt, intense excitement and expectations.Now those who want to be healed often line up in red at the edges of the room or tell them to come forward. The preacher may be firmly grab his head and shouting: “Heal!” It frees up mental energy, with many leads to catharsis. Catharsis is a cleansing suppressed emotions. Individuals may cry, falling to the floor or even getting spasms. If the challenges are catharsis seems to be healed. The catharsis (one of the three brain phases mentioned earlier), “records” in the brain is temporarily deleted and accept the new suggestion.
For some, that healing may be permanent. Many will last from four days to a week as a chance just as much as usual takes a hypnotic suggestion on the subject who sleepwalks.

Even if the recovery don’t continue, if they come back every week the power of suggestion may continually bypass  problem … or sometimes, unfortunately, may mask a physical problem is that in the long run may prove to be very harmful to that person , for the symptoms may disappear but the illness is still there damaging the system .
Hypnotist Dick Sutphen explicitly states: If you think you can attend such gatherings without it affects you, you’re probably wrong.
A perfect example is the case of a woman who went to Haiti to help Guggenheim fellowships to study Haitian voodoo. In her report described how the music eventually causes uncontrollable bodily movements and altered states of consciousness. Although she understood the process and felt that she was above it, when she began to feel that she is herself sensitive to the music  ,she tried to resist and go away. Anger or resistance almost always guarantee a conversion. A few minutes later she started  dancing in a trance at the house where they gathered followers of voodoo. Music and stage excitement caused in the brain, and she awoke feeling reborn.
When we address the six characters – an integral part of the intense military training is breaking people before they “rebuild” a new people – remember the drill  of U.S. Marines. In the same way as a cult breaks its people and re-build them as happy flower sellers on street corners. People are almost brainwashed.

Once you realize the initial conversion, cults, armed forces and similar groups can not have cynicism among their members.Members must respond to commands and do as they are told, otherwise they are hazardous to organizational control. This is usually achieved by using decognition process involving three steps.
The first step is to reduce attention: control causing disorder of the nervous system, which is why it becomes difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality. This can be accomplished in several ways.
One bad food: chocolate cakes and soft drinks. Sugar destroys the nervous system. Subtle is the “spiritual diet” used by many cults, said Sutphen.

Insufficient sleep is another primary way to reduce your attention, especially when combined with long work or intense physical activity. The bombing of the intense and unique experiences achieves the same result.
Step Two is programmed confusion: Mental attacks while attention is reduced as the first step. This is achieved by a flood of new information, lectures, discussion groups, meetings or treatment of one-on-one, which usually means that the controller bombarding the individual issues. During this phase decognition reality and illusion often merge and its easy to accept the logic impaired.
The third step is to stop thinking: to develop techniques which ensures that the mind becomes “blown”. These are techniques for altered states of consciousness, which initially causes calmness, giving the mind something simple which can deal with and to focus on awareness. Long-term use causes a feeling of ecstasy and eventually hallucinations. The result is a reduction of thought and eventually, if used long enough, the cessation of all thought and withdrawal from everyone and everything except what command controllers. Mastering is then complete. It is important to be aware that when members or participants in order to use the techniques of “thought stopping”, he tells them that will benefit from it: it will become “better soldiers” or to “find enlightenment.”
There are three basic techniques that are used to stop the thoughts. The first entry is: rhythm literally creates a self-hypnosis and thus dramatically increase the susceptibility to suggestion.
Another technique to stop thinking is meditation. Are there daily hour to hour and a half in meditation, it is very likely that after a few weeks people will not return to full beta state of consciousness, according to a hypnotist Dick Sutphen. The person will remain in a constant alpha state until it continued to meditate. I do not claim that this is bad, if a person works alone, then it can be very beneficial. But the fact is that it is achieved that the brain is empty.
The third technique is to stop thinking singsong singsong and often in meditation. All three techniques to stop generate altered state of consciousness.
It can be very good if the person controls the process, because then they also control the intake. Self-hypnosis is very beneficial.But people are more sensitive to the suggestion.
Technique in persuasion
Persuasion is not technically brainwashing but manipulation of the human mind by another person, without the manipulated party was aware of what caused her change of opinion.
Today there are several thousand techniques, but the basis of persuasion is always to access our right side of brain . The left side of our brain is analytical and rational. The right side is creative and imaginative. It is too simplistic, but sufficient for an explanation.The idea is to draw attention to the left brain and keep it busy. The ideal is when the person who convinces the challenges of altered state of consciousness with your eyes open when you move from beta awareness into alpha; to be measured on an EEG device.
Here’s an example of drawing attention left half. Politicians use these powerful techniques all the time, lawyers use many variations which are called “tightening noose.” For example, a politician who speaks first he can create what is called “check range”. These are statements that cause the listener along, they may even unknowingly nod their heads as a sign of approval.
Then come the obvious. These are usually facts that can be discussed but, after the politician said his audience in agreement, the odds are on his side that the audience will not stop to think things through independently and will continue to disagree.
The last suggestion comes. This is what a politician wants to do and, as must all the time agreed, we can be persuaded to accept the suggestion. Here’s an example in which the first three sentences “check range”, the following three obvious, and the last suggestion.
“Ladies and Gentlemen: Are you angry about high food prices?Are you tired of astronomical gas prices? Do you have a lot of rampant inflation? Well, you also know that the other party to allow last year’s inflation of 18%; know that crime nationally has increased by 50% in the last 12 months, and you know that your salary barely covers your expenses. Well, the answer to these questions is to choose me in Parliament. ”
Also be aware of what are called embedded commands. For example, the keyword speaker will make a gesture with his left hand, which research has shown that easy access to your right brain. Today’s media-oriented politicians and skilled speakers often practicing a whole new breed of professionals who use all the tricks of the manual – new and old – to us, manipulated us to accept their candidate.
Dick Sutphen claims that the concepts and techniques of neurolinguistics is so heavily guarded that it discovered the hard way that even publicly speak or write about them, resulting in threats to sue. However, neurolinguistic training is easily accessible to all who are willing to devote their time and pay the price. These are some of the most subtle and powerful manipulation. Many people from the government seems to have passed the courses.
Another technique  is : one thing to speak words, but instill subconscious impression of something or other in the minds of listeners and / or spectators.
For example, if a commentator says something that sounds like a factual statement, and emphasize certain words, especially if you make the right gestures to the keyword, may remain subconscious impression of someone of the opposite sense.This is the subliminal goal of the statement and the speaker can not be blamed for anything.
Techniques of persuasion are also often used in much smaller scale with equal efficiency. Agent insurance company knows that his bait is likely to be more effective if it fails to specify that people visualize something in your mind. It is addressing the right brain. For example, one can pause in the conversation, slowly look around at your living room and say, ‘Can you just imagine this beautiful home burned to the ground? “Of course you can! This is one of the subconscious fears and, when we are forced to visualize, it is more likely to manipulate the signing of an insurance policy.

subliminally  are hidden suggestions that only observes our subconscious. This may be a message hidden behind the sound of music, or visual, air brush inserted into the picture, displayed on the screen so fast that it deliberately do not see, or cleverly incorporated into the picture or pattern.
The oldest audio subliminal technique uses a voice that follows the music volume so that subliminal impossible to detect without a parametric equalizer. Psychoacoustic suggestions can be adapted and synthesized to be projected into the same cord and frequency as well as music, which gives effect to the piece of music. In the application of these techniques there is no way to reduce various frequencies to detect subliminal. In other words, although the subconscious mind hears the suggestion, it is not possible to detect even the most sophisticated equipment.
This technique is easy, so it is left to our imagination to imagine how the technology has become sophisticated with unlimited funds provided by government and marketing industry. And what about the propaganda and the manipulation of advertising we are exposed every day? There is simply no way of knowing what is behind the music you listen to. Perhaps it is even possible to hide a second voice behind the voices we hear.
There are a series of PhD. Wilson Bryan Keya about subliminal advertising and political campaigns well documents the misuse in many areas, especially in print advertising in newspapers, magazines and on billboards.

There is lot more to write about this subject.

I strongly believe that we CAN be spiritual and ecstatic at times. But we also must learn this science explanations ,so we can test ourselves to see where is the cause of our enthusiasm.

To know are we doing it right , or everything have been done by leaders ?

To know if we are enthusiastic or brainwashed ?

To know that miracle is not happening on a daily basis or it wouldn’t be called a miracle no more.



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Do we need any kind of leader just to be led

It is undeniable that in religion and religious books, there are many positive themes, positive sentences, but it’s also undeniable that these types of documents bible, deliberately written in free style interpretation, that every reader can subjectively say what is the meaning of these texts. Now add priests,gurus,pastors, other monks and all preachers  who were promoted to religion, to increase their “flock”, and realize that it was they who had interpreted, considering that texts from these books can be anything, and that they have authority over  you will , you yourself accepted them as well as their interpretation, because in your mind the text, and explaining that you received could be “true” and that is exactly what pastor,priest ,guru, or any  authority, had said. People tend to go to any authority in the field believe to death. He was the man with PhD, or  a respected  preacher , the same . He holds to that authority,  it symbolizes that you need him to believe all what he says.

Add another national connection with religion , and you have a very dangerous tool for manipulation.
Many people do not want to debate about religion in general,  do not want to listen, they heard while they were small, built their belief, their template of behavior, and if someone brings into question all of this, they will automatically draw the threads, why ? Why you have no idea what they were talking about. They know what they were told, and nothing more.
The point is the way of spiritual  introspection. Peep into your mind in your deep thoughts, allowing the senses to go inside. To stop the programmed  mind, and to let it flow, and to look at it. This is popularly called meditation, but the word is so distorted that it is almost useless.
Meditation is silence between thoughts, and thoughts, like a car, approaching from a distance, from the latent form and become thoughts, images, memories, smell, … became the “internal reality”.
Religion as a politic came to my mind .
If you think about politics, it is a structure that has the name, purpose and beliefs or rules.
Religion, as well .. name, purpose, beliefs or rules.
A group of people, liberals, who have a belief in certain factors and to act in accordance with these factors, and who call themselves liberals.
A group of people, Catholics, who have a belief in certain factors and that (should) act in accordance with these factors, and who called themselves Catholics.
Hierarchy “authority” is the same.
The difference between politics and religion is that religion is not confined to the continent.
The fundamental logic between politics and religion, is identical.
Why people who want to be spiritual simply don’t read spiritual scripts and find their way ? Why do we need to be a lost sheep where some authority have to literally rule our life (even private ) and not only guide us to better understanding of scripts?
When religion became a place for someone to tell us that we are sinners , to give us order when to sleep  with our spouse or how to raise our kids, instead of  talking about God’s scripts of spirituality?? Why in a church,temple,mosk,any house of god we are listening more about criticism than honoring? Why from a man of god we are learning more about hate and devil than about love and god? Doesnt sound right!
The thing is that 80 % of religious followers  would consider some  fake leader also a “man of god” if they haven’t been warned . Anyone who wants to preach to them with gospel ,they will accept him as bona fide,no matter how distorted teaching is given to them. As long as someone is saying: “jesus,hallelujah ,amen “.. ,is considered a pastor to them ,and worth a place of a ruler of their life (even of a family life). Many  of them are nice people,im sure, but due to blind faith they can’t see a crook before a warning . If we don’t silent evil at least a bit by our own effort ,why would god do it for us ?? We have our free will and responsibilities , why to wait god makes something 24/7  while we stay totally inactive for our own lives?

Leaders sometimes say that human being is not capable of pure malice and evil acts. That If someone is doing any kind of crime of offence or “sin” ,that is because of devil’s work or demons, but not by men. Thats not th devil’s work as some of the followers say by accepting that distorted teachings .  PEOPLE are doing bad stuff and  WE are responsible for our actions . Why to leave someone out  of his responsibility by saying that its devil’s work???  If someone preaches fake and he knows what he is doing but yet continues to do so , then he is very aware of his acts. If he is taking money from poor followers to support his luxury lifestyle and all in the name of charity  then he ,and he alone  is doing a transgression . Should he be forgiven? Yes,he if he honestly repents and after he get some kind of legal sanction for it. But he should never  be forgiven based on fake preaching that he himself  as a human being is not guilty , but the devil and demons are doing it in his body instead. In some christian churches it was a common thing . Those types of guys you could meet on a daily basis ,everyone calling them ” a man of god”  till some time after they don’t find out some secret agenda behind his preach.  HE is the one wanna take your money in  name of Jesus!! HE , not the devil. He is just a small fraud guy ,not even a big deal, and yet you are calling it a devil deed. Devil have better things to do than take your small money. He is more sophisticated than you think. So, all that crime and mistakes,and so-called sins are made by HUMANS ! We shouldn’t let ppl get away from their deeds by saying : “its not you , its the devil,or demons”.  Its all US my dear  reader,not the devil .

Im not against any kind of religion in particular .Im just very much against making people stupid and unable to lead their life without a guide of a leader,without a way to see through a fake one  .

Accepting someone as a guide too fast to easily , giving money without checking , and the most important is a possibility to ruin a genuine spirituality that we might have had by blindly following distorted teaching.I don’t care much  if i give some small donation to literally Anyone ! I wont miss it later and it might be helpful to someone right now. But , I prefer to give to charity or even on the streets ,than to support someone who makes a business out of god and who have much more than i do. As long as you follow every fellow who says ” im a pastor ,i am a priest , i am a guru, i am a leader …” , as long as you dont see you are able to lead and rule your own life according to your beliefs , as long as you feel a need for some leader to tell you when to sleep with your wife/husband or how to raise your kids,  i wont be sorry for some fake ass takes your money or breaks your created illusion about salvation after a while ,all in the “name of god”  .

Before we wake up and accept that God is our  leader as our guts and scripts ,we will continue to say “amen” of every fake word of order .

Jay !!!  Hallelujah !!!
So, to bring this to an end .When  we became idiots that we can’t use our own intelligence to study scripts ?When we became slaves to leaders or slaves to God? When we became oblivious that we are the ones who are doing bad things sometimes , not the devil and demons inside us? When we became incapable of judging where is the limit of instructions for spirituality and where becomes masochistic behavior where we need someone to order us when to have sex or how to name our children ?When the public became private and vice versa ?
You know when  ?    When religion became politic ! ! ! ! !

P.S. To not be misunderstood , I am very much pro spirituality !

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I wish To Wish

How we wish unknown,

when something is not close to the heart

it don’t belong to us.

The desire appears ,so often is grown,

but the ground is sliding under feet ,

see through below, no colors no grass.

I wish to be high from the strength ,

with boiling passion to defeat the world.

To be naked in old fashion,

next to your feet to rule you , yes i should.

I even wish sorrow , tears to start to flow,

to drop into the river to relieve the lies.

Yet we both fear tomorrow ,to ask more than its already own,

i crave for a miracle to revive our ties.

With your tongue over my lips,i wish you to paint ,

to draw the life without plan , yes to draw it like a map.

If we think of us only as good as saints ,

we can easily stop wishing and fall into a trap.

I wish many things , it keeps me alive , ever desired,

i wish to give you my best years its simple and plane.

Being a shadow of love,glowing ,by dark inspired ,

hoping to be heard once , for my words not to be in vain.

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Sexuality ,Religions,Society

Sexuality is a topic on which have been already written volumes of books, about which we can discuss through different prisms, so will sexuality in this text processed through some common features.

To even be able to talk about sexuality, it is necessary to define what is sexual intercourse.  All we use to mean by sexually is penetration. However, ask yourself what your value system  mean by sexual intercourse.

Research shows that 80% of anal sex considered sexual relations, but only 40% of oral sex and placed in a sexual relationship. Given the foregoing, it is clear why many controversies arise when discussing sexuality and it is therefore difficult to provide for unique definition of sexual relations.

Sexuality is made up of all the stimuli, emotions and experiences that leads a person to physical sexual arousal, and thereby contribute to increasing sexual desire and / or behavior. The majority of leading experts from this field agree that it is not only about the instinctive, physiological and physical phenomena.Human sexuality is very complex psychological and sociological phenomenon.

Recently sexuality attracted increasing attention, which are particularly contributed to changes in social norms, the influence of feminism, the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, among which occupied a significant place HIV / AIDS and increase care for reproductive health. Sexual intercourse has long tabooed, is reserved for the intimate area of each individual and we will find it difficult to talk openly about sexual intercourse, and not to mention the specific difficulties that arise during the relationship.Why this is so, we can observe several major influences that we are exposed from the very childhood.

Religion and sexuality

Religion is a big influence on each individual. Religion aims to define the moral rules in a sexual relationship. According to the religious concepts of sexual intercourse is the sole objective of the extension types. Any other form of sexual relationship represents the amoral behavior. So it is understandable why homosexuality, sex during menstruation, contraception and sexual relationships for pleasure as impermissible in the religious sense and in violation of the moral (religious) norms.  I personally consider the religious type of lifelong repressed

Sexuality  to be the most destructive kind of sel abnegation .

Society and Sexuality

A society in which every individual grows up also determines what is a sexual relationship and what it should be. The Company aims to develop standards, rules and norms. Norms are shared by the people in “normal” and deviant-“abnormal”, depending on whether the norms and standards of society or not. Every company is subject to change throughout its history, including the Victorian era, “immoral” woman was identified as one that experienced an orgasm, and today women seeking help for the inability of reaching orgasm. It should be emphasized that the sexual norms of relative and subject to change and vary from society to society. Violation of these norms can lead to different social reactions. What is sexual conformity in a society, the second may be a sexual deviation, the “violator” of norms may experience different destinies in a way that the behavior may be condemned as immoral, such as crime and disease. Sexual behavior and attitudes related to sexual life were strongly shaped by the culture in which we live, and determined the influence of parental education, the influence of peer groups, schools, books, magazines. Sociological studies show significant cross-cultural differences in gender, sexuality and sexual relationships.

Cross-cultural differences

Polygamy in the Islamic world and in ancient time of India  is not prohibited, but only for men (a man can have four wives simultaneously, and in practice to decide only the second marriage to men who are financially afford it). With polygamy, the Qur’an mentions  temporary marriage for pleasure. Divorce is accepted in some Islamic countries.
After the arrival of Mao Tse-Tung came to power in China comes to big changes – the repression of sexual conduct with the aim of directing all human forces in the “revolution”. 1980th The manual was published by the government authorized that to 74 by explaining the essential “sexual knowledge” (eg, recommendations for frequency of sexual relations between young couples).

In China, the government’s primary concern is control of population growth, which automatically affects all aspects of relationships and marriages in China.

In ancient Greece the love is seen through the dualistic concept: the spiritual love of agape (the highest form, spiritual, altruistic love), and a natural love of eros (erotic love, the love that comes from physical attraction).

Pre-Christian philosophers and Christian era, taught the values of life are excluded sexuality. With the advent of Christianity, there is the ascetic view of sex and other pleasures.

The Protestant Reformation made the first change in the views, sexual relations not only serve the purpose of reproduction but also for pleasure.

Research shows differences in the frequency of sexual intercourse. Gebhart 1971 states that in Western societies a few times a week (two to five times), while members of the tribe Lapcha five to ten times, but during one night. (sounds good isn’t it)  🙂

Days of the New Guinea have sex once every two years.

Different cultures in different ways to perceive and extramarital sexual relations.
Aboriginal extramarital sexual experience as a welcome experience for the husband and wife, because it kills the boredom and routine, and thus increases the mutual ties.

Tribe Marques from Polynesia, certain Eskimo tribes do not have anything against extramarital sex, believe that offering sexual services to guests-chance part of the behavior of a good host.

For some communities extramarital sexual activity are acceptable for men.

Culture has also impact in terms of sexuality of children and premarital sex.

In some vedic hindu religion and most sub cultures ,it is allowed sexual intercourse solely (not other aspects of sex)  once a month in a presumed fertile day of a woman between a married couple ,and after a sacred ritual . Sex is consider sacred solely if for purpose of begetting a religious children , otherwise considered a sin. Sex for pleasure only  in Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition is considered illicit , and thus a sin.

A large number of tribes on the islands of the South Pacific, particularly approves child sexuality (eg, one of the children’s games is a common masturbation).

Chewa Tribe (Africa), early sexual life among young people consider to be essential for future fertility and he also approved.Lepcha tribe (southeastern part of the Himalayas) believe that the girl should be sexually active earlier (most girls at 11 or 12 years sexually active).

However, the tribes Kwon (New Guinea) forbidden for boys to be caught with an erection, so that boys of this tribe go so far as to learn how to pee without having to touch the hands of the penis.

In Middle Eastern cultures (the majority of the Islamic religion), disclosure of any part of the female body is strictly prohibited. In Malaysia, if it is on TV a man and woman (both clothed) show themselves in a room longer than 3 seconds, it implies that they had sexual intercourse. Showing these scenes is prohibited, except in the case of the married couple.

Laws and sexuality

Do not forget the laws that attempt to answer the question what is normal and what is deviant  behavior. Of course, the laws vary among cultures. The laws have two objectives, namely the prohibition and protection; goals are linked: the need to ban most “wrong” behavior in order to protect “weaker” members of society.

Finally we can summarize: the area of human sexuality is extremely complex phenomenon which can not be viewed separately from the culture in which we live and which exist certain rules of conduct. The concept of sexuality is subject to change in so far as changing norms, attitudes and behavior of society. Social impacts on human sexual behavior can be approached on several levels:

Macro-level – the impact of society as a whole, powerful social institutions:

Religion – clear shapes and forms of sexual behavior, setting standards, (eg, attitude toward premarital sex and illegitimate, homosexuality,masturbation, sex for pleasure…etc.)
economic conditions – the nature and structure of the economy affects the human sexuality
family – the socialization processes
Medical – doctors determine what is healthy and good for us
legal system – the law determines the standard (what is required by law only correct) mechanisms of social control.

Subcultural level – social background, class or ethnic group, (unwritten, but not negligible, rules and norms that influence behavior)

Interpersonal level – socialization processes, the relationship with your partner .
Individual level – deined by the personal thoughts and desires, sexual orientation and sexual scripts that we learned.

If we are believers in God ,or members of some social community group where sex solely for pleasure is prohibited , should we embrace our sex desires and enjoy with our partner anyway  knowing that we are not doing any harm to others or ourselves with it ?     Or should we artificially  repress our sexuality due to the given norms ?

To bring this to an end :     it  remains that sexual energy is the strongest energy we posses in this world  . I stand that  it should be enjoyed, somehow it should be regulated, we should not suppress it, is not sinful because it is part of our body and mind, and as such can be used or abused like everything else in life.

P.S.   During years of my research on the topic ,i came to definitive conclusion that repressed sexuality can lead to various of serious mental disorders or rage and frustration..etc. We better beware and learn more about ourselves as spiritual and material beings.

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Religious scripts historically (un)believable?

Is it to presume that the Bible is completely God ‘word (which was not believed even by early Jews ) that Moses himself had fine books (easily rebuttable historically speaking), the world literally created in seven days and a couple of thousand years and so on ?

Theistic problem of religion in the modern world is that on one hand is required for developing devotion, which probably is the most natural approach to spiritual life, but on the other side based on myth, which is in relatively advanced age of instrumentalization  as much objective scientific approach practically impossible.

The same applies to ancient scripts The Purana’s.

Personally, I embrace them as a religious, theological literature, as something that develops a relationship with God and in this context is irrelevant of their historicity. But when you start to interpret them as historical truths than I have a problem.Probably its a mixture of several things. In this sense a purely philosophical texts like the Upanishads are good work because they cannot deal with external events, but at best a secondary basis for learning .. and ultimately the Gita is such. The claim that a literal incontestable truth Purana (could be compared  with the above biblical example from the beginning of the post ) and it’s all written by fabulous Vyasa .. Therefore I am quite suspicious that such texts are not generally considered as a historical truth. Unfortunately, objectively speaking it is easier to prove the position of all believers who accept literally. So I understand that this is the ultimate authority for some and it’s just fine, however most people who read this and even participated in the discussions about it are not necessarily followers of any particular religion but solely comparative religion ,science and history researchers , then i can not expect to appeal that such authority has some weight.

But again, on the other side in religious debates there isn’t even there any final weight at the end .

is mostly stays  on   “Believe it or not” !

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Religious Fanaticism or Just Deceiving The Mass

On several occasions i have personally been in close contact with one Gospel Nigerian church organization called Christ Embassy founded by pastor Mr .Chris Oyakhilome. In Italy as well all around the world where there is lot of Nigerian immigrants , they have small branches ,each one with its own pastor , who is claiming to be a direct follower of pastor Chris ,mentioned above.

I openly challenged pastor Chris Oyakhilome on his public page , to read this  voice himself about this events and style of preaching.

We will see if he will do it .


During one service in Italy ,where more than few hundred of people attended , the pastor said:
” If you are HIV positive and if you go to doctors, they can’t help you . But if u take jesus as your savior and surrender to him ,he will remove the virus from your system and your blood will be clean . u will no longer be affected with HIV virus ”
After some time , one woman stand up or confessions , and she said:
” yes, that’s true. My sister was diagnosed with HIV , and she was feeling bad, but she accepted jesus in her heart , and stopped going to doctors any more. Now she KNOWS that her blood is CLEAN and she is not HIV positive anymore ”
Everybody started to shake and shout jesus ,jesus,amen! many of them were crying. I would understand the enthusiastic trance if it wasnt the serious offense of human intelligence and common sense involved.

So, i am not sure how its going in Nigeria for that kind of preaching , but here in europe it can be considered like encouraging for spreading the deadly virus , and as such it can even be legally prosecuted .
Can anyone of them guys there can put himself in a place of young man who will be with that woman , sleep with her ,because she “knows she is not HIV positive” thus she wont mention it ?
If not, are they blindly following ? Stupid? Brainwashed? Or maybe jesus will save them ,and I am the one who is wrong (along with medical science) ?

If yes, what it says about those guys? If they had a doubt ,why haven’t they spoke up about it? Are they becoming dull ?Or have always been ? Are they fear God? Or a community ?Are they malicious for knowing its a lie but due “to ass licking ” to the pastor and the leader crew , they commit to be a part of deception of others by their silence?

In which category was a young guy standing one line before my seat at that occasion ? He was a handsome one if i remember .

I mean come on . Worshiping god have nothing to do with these kind of crimes (literally crimes) towards society.

I myself , am a believer . But i am also an educated young woman , who will think first before accepting something what one pastor (or other preacher) speak as the truth and nothing but the truth .


Mr.Oyakhilome , now after this article ,Im addressing you personally.

Here is the copy of my open letter to you on your public page where i called you to respond :

I am a writer , a researcher .I have been privately in close contact with a branch of your organization in italy some years ago. Those pastors are doing some weired things using your name and with your blessings as they say. Here i shared a link to an article of my own brief research based on personal experience .
Hope you will stand up and voice yourself by commenting here as well on my article what is your stand on this matter,so to clarify some of your doctrine , for your name and reputation as a pastor is involved.
Do YOU really preach that your followers don’t need to go to doctors when sick,cuz “if they say out loud that are cured in jesus name, they will be cured” ???
And that if they are HIV positive if they truly believe they will be cured by some of the pastors sessions , that there is “No need to take meds or even go to doctor again ,cuz they are cured” ???
That other preachers can neglect their family and wives in the name of church friends (i.e. to be absent from home 24/7 without a word ,arranging 24 hours services and actually partying there ,neglecting all other parts of their life ,like private ,professional,social) ?
To preach “It isn’t important what your spouse or child say . Its only important what your pastor says, cuz he can literally rule your life.Even intimate life.Literally ” ?
Do you condone this kind of preaching ??
If yes , please answer publicly .
If not, then its important to you to oppose this , cuz your name is used for all these emotionally,socially,mentally,ethically and morally challenged activities ,some even limiting with criminal behavior .

Hope that my readers will have an opportunity to get your respond.

In my vocabulary silence means acceptance.
Thank you .

**** aka Helitra

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